Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.

Be uplifted with music that touches the heart, His word and a message that touch the soul, and His presence and spirit that carries you through the week ahead.


Small Bible Study Groups

Preakness has several small group studies that meet bi-weekly on Thursdays and other mini study series on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. or Monday evenings.



Through newsletters, emails, visits, the Preakness family encourages each other through the journey of life.


Music that touches the heart

Whether you sing in the choir; share your gifts of music in worship; enjoy praising the Lord through a hymn or chorus; or hum a tune in your heart, His music is in the air at Preakness.



Pray without ceasing is our belief so whether you pray alone; as a group; in worship; in the car; around our memorial garden fire pit; or as the sun rises, pray so Our Lord can direct your path and give you wisdom.