June 2019 Newsletter

We Care! We Serve! We Believe! 

From the Laptop of Pastor Jane 

As Father’s Day fast approaches, I am reminded of my Dad in so many ways and do miss him! When he be-came so ill with dementia, I believe when God took him, I had a peace that he was finally with the Lord. Alt-hough I missed him at that moment yet I was relieved he was not struggling inside his own body any longer. That was very difficult to watch but it was my honor to be by his side. 

Three years later, as Father’s Day approaches, I miss the dad I was given throughout my life. Although my dad could tell a joke over and over again, loved to play his music very loudly or may have been a little too strict for me as a teenager, he had qualities of a true Chris-tian father. 

He was PROTECTIVE and would lay down his life for me! 

He was SACRIFICAL and often gave me his last dollar or two! 

He was filled with WISDOM even when I was not too accepting of his advice! 

He had INTREGRITY and tried to the best of his ability to be his best each and every day! He began each day with a smile, even when he was struggling with pain. 

He was FAIR with my sisters and me, even though sometimes I wish he gave me more! 

He was STRICT and expected me to walk the narrow road! 

He was PROUD of my Mom, sisters, grandchildren, church, country and of my calling as a Pastor! 

He had HUMOR that he shared with everyone, and ac-tually loved to laugh at his own jokes (over and over again)! 

He had FAITH in Jesus and a deep love for God and each of us shown in the way he treated everyone! He always told us actions spoke stronger than words! No wonder I feel the same! 

He CARED about the “underdog” and always said you don’t kick a person when they are down! Instead you lift them up and take care of their needs! No wonder everyone knew and loved him at work, for he was as close to the President of any company as the workers behind the scene, which he often would bring coffee and donuts. 

It is my privilege to share about my Dad and celebrate him this Father’s Day, even if he is with my Jesus! It is also my honor to celebrate the many other men who have touched my life through their actions and deeds at Preakness and in my life. Many would lay down their life for me, as my Dad, and for that I am so grate-ful. 

On this Father’s Day, dear friends, don’t forget to say “thank you” to those men who have made a difference in your life! Sadly, too often we miss opportunities to say “thank you” and in the blink of an eye, it is too late! Don’t let this year pass you by! 

Blessings, Pastor Jane 

We Care! 


Restored Health: Debbie Lowe, Ethel Van Der Horn, Diane Buonomo, June Bierwas, Barbara Conklin, Trudy Verblaauw, Rich and John Rebecky, Kim Komarnicki, Sheila Zieger, Sherrie Piroso (Bonnie Voellmy’s cousin), and Chris Masi 

Shut-ins: Claire Wallenburg, Helen Nerder, and Joan Betsy 

Mission and Military: The Good Shepherd Mission; Bar-bara and Hilary Gierman at Camp Lebanon; Hilltop Ha-ven; Jaelon Santillan-Magat and all those serving in the military 

W.I.N.: The pantry is currently in need of 

Small or regular jars of jelly & peanut butter 

Pasta sauce 

Chef-Boyardee products & canned chili 

Canned fruit & vegetables (no corn or string beans) 

Canned meats & Condiments 

Hot cereals 

Coffee, instant coffee, & tea 

Paper goods 

Rice, rice mixes, & instant potatoes 

Dried milk, water & fruit juices 

Personal care products & cleaning supplies 

The pantry does not need beans, soup, or pasta. Mon-etary donations and paper bags sleeved in plastic or bags with handles are always welcome. 

We Serve! 

Holy Grounds Café: . Beginning June 2nd, the café will be open from 9:00 to 9:40 a.m. each Sunday for prayer and from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. for a cup of coffee and fellowship. Come spend a few moments in prayer with Our Lord and/or enjoy a few minutes catching up with friends! If you would like to bring a treat to share one-Sunday, please let Rose Belizario know. Thanks! 

Joanne’s Joy: . Our annual Strawberry Festival will be on Sunday, June 23rd, following Morning Worship. Mark the date on your calendar now and join us. Reminder: Gift card orders are taken on the first Sun-day of each month. 

Young at Heart The Young at Heart group invites the Congregation to join them in a Young at Heart spon-sored Dinner/Picnic Potluck on Tuesday, June 4th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Please bring your favorite picnic dish (salad, dessert, or appetizer), drinks and meat dishes will be provided. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex by June 2nd or let Nancy McDonnell know. 

Summer is approaching quickly, so please mark the following dates on your calendar for our “Breakfasts.” Place and time will be announced as we get closer to the dates: July 9th and 23rd, and August 6th and 20th

Women’s Retreat: “Time in a Bottle” 

October 4th t0 6th. 

At the present time we have 20women signed up for our annual retreat at St. Joseph by the Sea. Since our space is liminited to 22, please le me know if interest as soon as possible. Pastor Jane (The cost is $225 which covers lodging Friday and Satur-day in a single room, 5 meals, and a wonderful retreat by the sea.) 

We Believe! 

Morning Worship Service each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Please join us. 

Healing Hands 

Healing Hands will be meeting on June 6th . We will meet in the parking lot at 1 p.m. and head for a surprise luncheon. 

God Sightings 

God Sightings will be meeting at 7:30 p.m. on June 6th, location to be determined. Thank you to Cathy Ericson for leading our last four Bible lessons, which were well received by the group.. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Coffee and … with Pastor Jane, Sunday, June 2nd following Morning Worship. 
  • Young at Heart sponsored all church Dinner/Picnic Potluck, Tuesday, June 4th, 5:00-7:00 p.m. 
  • Healing Hands, 1:00 p.m., June 6th. (meet in the church parking lot ) 
  • God Sightings, 7:30 p.m., June 6th. 
  • No Combined Board Meeting this month 
  • Honoring our Graduates, June 16th 
  • Father’s Day, June 16th 
  • Strawberry Festival, sponsored by Joanne’s Joy, June 23rd, following morning worship. 


We will honor our graduates on Sunday, June 16th. We congratulate Karlyn Lienhard who graduated from col-lege and Austin shelly graduating this coming fall. If you are graduating ,please let the office know by June 9th. 

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