August 2019 Newsletter

We Care! We Serve! We Believe! 

From the Laptop of Pastor Jane 

It is hard to believe that August 1st is here! Oh my, life goes by so quickly! Have you smelled the roses? As I write this I am looking outside my office window and enjoying the many memorial gardens truly “blooming”! There are countless butterflies on their personal bushes and sometimes I wish our back gardens could be moved to the front. So many miss these inviting safe haven. STOP BY; PARK YOUR CAR IN THE BACK; SIT AWHILE ON A BENCH AND TAKE IN GODS CREATION. I PROM-ISE IT WILL BRING YOU HIS PEACE. 

As I have had time to reflect on Preakness, its people, and our ministry this summer and even while on our recent mission trip, like many of my fellow Pastors preparing for the fall, I came up with a “wish list”. I would like to share it with you. 

That not only our church family but friends of Preakness make an effort to come to worship each Sunday when they are home. So often we come to worship to be up-lifted by His spirit but never realize that Jesus might work through us for someone else that same week. The impact of the spirit working through us with a hug, lis-tening ear, encouragement and love can change a life and yes ours, but we need to be present to allow Him to use our hands and feet! Come each Sunday! 

We INVITE someone to attend worship, a Bible study, movie, luncheon, Young at Heart, or youth activity so faith and friendship can grow stronger. For many of us, we were invited to come to church and what a differ-ence that makes when entering a new surrounding with a friend. Imagine if we all did that just once this year? 

That each member and friend find their special place to serve and never be afraid to step out of their comfort zone in new and exciting ways. This fall we will begin new prayer gatherings, Bible study, revival opportuni-ties, and there will even be a spin-off of “Where is Wal-do this Week!” Something for everyone but we all need to step out and help! 

That the Lord gives us new wisdom and insight into ways that will ignite our faith as we care, serve and believe as a church and His people! Change can be difficult but with it comes new excitement and energy, something we never want to lose. I pray we are not afraid to try something new! 

That prayer becomes our moving force in new and powerful ways! In every book I have read, video I have seen, church that is growing, prayer is the most power-ful gift from Our Lord not only personally but also as a congregation. I watch as Christian Love Church holds prayer vigils and am in AWE of their commitment to give it all to Jesus as one. How powerful and moving and something we might want to explore!! 

And last, a peace that passes all human understand-ing, as we seek direction for our own life and the life of our church. I am constantly singing this chorus but know God knows all and will direct our path, in His time, but like everyone, even a Pastor hates to wait. 

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way; 

He works in us, though we may not see; 

He will make a way for me. 

He will be my guide, hold me closely to His side; 

With strength and grace, for each new day; 

He will make a way, He will make a way! 

Hope to see you at church this Sunday! I promise your presence will be a blessing and in return, 


Pastor Jane 

We Care! 


Restored Health: Rich Rebecky, Ethel Van Der Horn, Brian Marshall, Carol Natoli, Chona Lentini (Rose Beliz-arios’s sister), Debbie Lowe, Diane Buonomo, June Bierwas, Barbara Conklin, Trudy Verblaauw, John Re-becky, Kim Komarnicki, Sheila Zieger, Sherrie Piroso (Bonnie Voellmy’s cousin), and Chris Masi 

Shut-ins: Claire Wallenburg, Helen Nerder, and Joan Betsy 

Mission and Military: The Good Shepherd Mission; Barbara and Hilary Gierman at Camp Lebanon; Hilltop Haven; Jaelon Santillan-Magat and all those serving in the military 

W.I.N.: The pantry is currently in need of 

Small or regular jars of jelly & peanut butter 

Pasta sauce 

Chef-Boyardee products & canned chili 

Canned fruit & vegetables (no corn or string beans) 

Canned meats & Condiments 

Hot cereals 

Coffee, instant coffee, & tea 

Paper goods 

Rice, rice mixes, & instant potatoes 

Dried milk, water & fruit juices 

Personal care products & cleaning supplies 

The pantry does not need beans, soup, or pasta. Mon-etary donations and paper bags sleeved in plastic or bags with handles are always welcome. 

We Serve! 

Holy Grounds Café: . The café will be open from 9:00 to 9:40 a.m. each Sunday for prayer and from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. for a cup of coffee and fellowship. Come spend a few moments in prayer with Our Lord and/or enjoy a few minutes catching up with friends! If you would like to bring a treat to share one Sunday, please let Rose Belizario know. Thanks! 

Joanne’s Joy: . Reminder: Gift card orders are taken on the first Sunday of each month. 

Young at Heart Our August breakfasts are as follows: 

August 6th at the Route 23 Diner/Restaurant in Pompton Plains at 10:30 a.m. 

August 20th, at Miranda’s, Route 23, Wayne.

Women’s Retreat: “Time in a Bottle” (October 4th to 6th. ) At the present time we have 19 women signed up for our annual retreat at St. Joseph by the Sea. Since our space is limited to 22, please let me know if interest as soon as possible. (The cost is $225 which covers lodging Friday and Saturday in a single room, 5 meals, and a wonderful retreat by the sea.) 

We Believe! 

Morning Worship Service each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Please join us. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

((8/4) “Everything” with a time of remembrance through communion (8/11) “Praise Him” as the Quartet presents a sermon in song. This will be Noreen Lienhard’s last Sunday before she moves. Coffee and … to follow. (8/18) “Relentless” as our Mission Team will lead wor-ship and Carolyn Castillo will preach (8/25) “Blessed” 


Please join us and tell your neighbors and friends about our Family Movie Night, August 30th, starting at 7:00 p.m. The Sight and Sound presentation of “Ruth” will be shown on the big screen. Popcorn, ice cream, and drinks available. Admission is one non-perishable item for the W.I.N. pantry. Our own Uber transportation will be available for those who do not wish to drive at night. Thank you to the many that attended. We were able to share over 100 items to the W.I.N. Food Pantry! 


Did you know how much the homeless in Hoboken ap-preciate the little things in life? Whether clothing, pow-der, sneakers, socks, or underwear, they always say thank you even if we do not have what they need! One week since my visit, all their needs are again met for Au-gust. Thank you for the powders, sneakers, underwear, and reading glasses. You are amazing! 

Pastor Jane 

P.S. The clothes are coming in to St. Timothy’s in an overwhelming abundance. Monday, August 5th, we will gather from 7 to 9 p.m. to sort summer and winter. Can you come with me or meet me there? We need your help! 

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